Our Vision:
is to be the leaders in quality, cost & customer satisfaction in the Middle East.

We give everything what it deserves.

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Our Mission:
  • To make our customers' business more successful by providing them with reliable products of high quality that best satisfy their needs.

  • To be able to identify the changing needs of the market and to meet those needs by being responsive and dynamic.

  • To be also responsible for creating a satisfying work environment where all efforts are recognized, and team work and diversity are encouraged.
Our Objectives:
Profitability: To manage the assets and human resources, in the most effective and efficient manner, to ensure reasonable return on investment and to maintain adequate liquidity, and balance those with competitive prices.
Growth: To achieve reasonable and consistent growth in size as well in market share, and to generate resources for developing the infrastructure and expertise in the Company.
Expansion: To invade the UAE market and eventually satisfy the needs of all Middle East customers.
Organizational Environment: To develop and maintain an organizational environment for initiative, innovation and productivity, and also to ensure a fair deal to the employees with a humane approach.
Business Development: To generate adequate profitable business by utilizing the existing resources to the maximum extent as well as provide a superior customer service.
Diversification: To cater for all sectors of the market: budget, middle and high end.
Obligation to Society: To conduct business in the most ethical manner, and with legal standards, in order to generate a good social environment.

Why we're different:
• We are honest, reliable and professional.
• We follow an advanced administration system and apply quality standards.
• We enjoy long experience in this field and the market.
• We carry a huge and varied stock for immediate delivery.
• We send out representatives in our cars to cover the whole territory of Syria and Iraq.
•We depend immensely on our customer feedback.
• We participate in national exhibitions and run widespread publicity campaigns.
• We are close to our customer through the well-placed Points-of-sale.


Our Own Brands:
• KOB: All Kinds of Bearings
• KOB Auto: Bearings and Spare Parts for Cars
• Agritep: Combine Harvesters Spare Parts
• Strong: Transmission Parts
• MOB:
• Tepbelt:
• RKW: Transmission Parts
Brands we represent:
• SLF: made in Germany
• Koyo: made in Japan
• Fersa: made in Spain
• Busatis: made in Austria
• CARLISLE: made in USA